Monday, December 29, 2008

More Christmas fun

The Fun just kept going....And the hips keep growing! We had Christmas for 3 days with my family. Jason's brother and his family came on Sunday...
We have had horrid weather this week! It was cold, cold, cold. And than on Christmas day it warmed up and started raining. We left the kids at grandpa's overnight thinking we would all go out in the morning for breakfast but all that rain turned to ice. The roads were so ice covered the toll road was closed and when we finally did risk our lives to go retrieve our children it was like we were driving on a lake! In fact we met a skater. Yes, a skater! Someone passed us skating down the road! Bizarre!
On Saturday we had a high of 63 and than the wind came. It blew so violently it knocked out our power around 2:30 am. Jason was supposed to preach and I was leading worship so we were pretty much on edge about oversleeping. Very little sleep was to be had! The church also lost power. So church ended up being canceled. Strange, strange weather!
I wanted to show off this sweet picture of my son Jalen.

What a week~ now back to normal life and hopefully normal weather.


  1. Hi Rosey Rose! Thanks for visiting Smelling Coffee and for leaving a comment on the 100th post. I'm just now getting back into blogland from my break, and enjoyed looking around in your blog. Loved your pictures and recipes - and plan on coming back soon! :-)

    Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Look at you with the fading and white around your pictures. When did you turn professional? So cool. Very sweet pictures.

  3. I guess Jason just had to preach to you and the kids, and you led worship, right?! who needs to go to church?Ha! Glad everything is getting back to normal! My girls are lovin' being with their cousins, Abbi is begging to move closer to Grandma...

  4. What a wonderful picture of your boy! That one needs to be framed. I didn't know you were a worship leader...very cool. I've done that in the past. Now I sing in the choir, on the worship team and do the occasional solo. My post on Calling Forth the Gift was regarding music. I'm planning a part II post on that.

  5. love the pic of your mom.


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