Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here we come a caroling...

Do you have people who you love to be with? Where agenda doesn't really matter because you know you are going to have a great time together no matter what? Well I am lucky to be me, because my small group from church is one of those groups for me! Tonight we went Christmas a small bus...with 13 children...and 11 adults. Yeah, I don't really have to say it was loud cause you have already surmised that.
Here is are trusty bus driver J.B. I like to think of this as our own little "tour" bus.
We drove around our little town looking for poor innocent elderly people we could sing to.We started at an assisted living center. Most all of the doors were closed but we sang until several kind people opened them and listened to our carols.

This gentleman was just trying to put his puzzle together. I am sure he was hoping little fingers would not mess up what he had so painstakingly been doing all evening.
He didn't cry when we left.

And Mr Clause was in. to. it! Isn't that great? This is Al.

Here is Mr. Ed and Ryan on the bus ride...Lots of happy faces!

And two sweeties, Malaina and Heather
This is Malaina with one of our youngest members of the group. Miss Gretta...
At the last house we stopped at the kids sang a special number. They thought the 12 days of Christmas would be a fine idea....Oh my goodness.....they remembered every day and it took us almost 12 days to get through it.. (I'm smiling even as I think of it)
I am reminded again of how each moment is meant to be lived. I mean really lived! There are no regrets when we live fully, give freely, and love much. My children will remember nights like tonight many years from now. It was a way we could bring a bit of Christmas joy and have a great time in the process!
And these are the lights of our little bus driving off into the night.
Don't forget my open house on Friday...There will be a give away come back..Free stuff!


  1. What a fun group! Wish i could come to your openhouse!!! I will be thinking of you that day!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I bet the kids had a great time too (and the people you sang to!).

  3. Oh it was SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! Lucky to be ME, that you invited ME and my family to be in your small group. WE feel so welcome and so loved. Very great memories to be on that bus!

    What's this about the open house??? Where were the details somewhere and I missed them?? I thought it was Sunday. I'm confused.

  4. sounds like a great time, we have awesome caroling memories!


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