Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am somewhat stunned by the rudeness that can be encountered this time of year.

I just don't understand!

I understand busyness….I don't understand bullyness(I think I just made up a word, cause Word doesn't recognize it…but I like it… so it stays)

I'll give you an example. This week I ran out to buy my niece a Christmas gift at Target.

I was just going to buy 1 thing…well, who am I kidding….1 thing, Really?

I got a little side tracked in the girls section. Oh, they have the softest PJ's this time of year. So sweet with snowmen on green and pink plaid.

I was very taken with these little "must haves"… moving my cart around the rack…looking for the right size. Not realizing it, I accidently pushed my cart into a path of a lady who appeared to be about 10 years older then me.(here's a tip: always assume she looks at least 10 years older than you. It just makes you feel better about your own age!) She had a very disturbed look on her face.

"EXCUSE ME", she said in a very sarcastic tone.

Not nice!

Not kind!

Too bad someone didn't have their espresso yet today!

I quickly apologized with "I am SO sorry"!

And I was.

I didn't try to block her path!

It's not like I ran up behind her and scraped the back side of her foot with my cart!(better known as the heel; my children's specialty)

I think she realized that she may not be looking very pleasant nor was I intentionally trying to make her life more difficult. So with a little less intensity but still huffily, she moved her cart forward and said, "I guess you're too busy looking".

Wow! I just stood there and shook my head.

Merry Christmas! Aren't the holidays great!

I don't know what situation she just came from, it may have been very difficult. And I don't want to pretend I never have bad days, cause I do!

Note to self: Recognize when I need to just give my own self a "time out" and go to my room…alone…and wait out the bad attitude.

Because you know what, no one likes to be bullied. Not family, friends, strangers, co-workers, waitresses, my husband, or kids.

Today I want to remember to be especially kind to others,even if they aren't kind to me. I want to be thoughtful not only with the gifts I choose but with my actions and words.

I want to say "it's alright…even when I'm steamed".

Give grace….Give grace!

Isn't that what this whole thing is really all about?!

Editors Note: The open house giveaway will continue through the weekend. It will close Sunday at midnight so it's not to late to sign up if you haven't already


  1. Oh I know! I just don't understand. Sure, people can be having a bad day, but I just don't get why they have to focus on such little things. It's so sad that people get in that state of mind at Christmas.

    (I love those fuzzy jammies too)

  2. It's sad that Christmas should be a time where people show joy, but so many times people can be so rude and uncaring. I started doing much of my shopping online a few years ago. It has been so much better not having to deal with all the crowds and rudeness. I can just sit by the nice warm fire and order stuff :).

  3. Good Idea.... Stay in with good company:)!

  4. Hey Girl, I'll cheer you up. Here's some Christmas cheer! :) Your home tour is beautiful! Are you entering it at 's Christmas Tour. You should b/c you did great! Your mom must be a gem b/c she taught you a lot.

    Merry Christmas. Those caramels look delish!

  5. Rose,
    I would love to come and see the house Sunday (we're having Christmas with my family but I'll try to get there). However, I have no idea where you live. You can e-mail me if you would like - - with an address or directions.

    Good for you for not matching the woman's attitude, but showing grace in that moment. Must have been hard to do. I so enjoy your blog, I stumbled on it from somewhere and thought, I know those people!! You are inspiring!

  6. It seems that some people try their best to be nasty. I think it's the "I have a right to..." syndrome.
    I don't know how old the lady was but I do know that nastiness makes you age faster!

  7. I know what you mean Rose! It is especially hard shopping with my kiddos because they could be running around etc, and accidently run in front of someone. I always say "excuse me" for them, and I hope for a sympathetic smile but sometimes all I get is a scowl. So not only should people be friendlier because it is the holidays, but they should give extra grace and smiles to moms shopping with little ones! Ugh! Whew, I feel better! :) thanks for letting me vent!


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