Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wonder Boy

We had a continuation of snow from yesterday. I still think it's beautiful but in 48 hours or so it may be pushing its luck…

This morning I took the kids to school and I can not lie ... I laughed out loud at my son's misfortune. Now that you all think I am a completely uncaring and cruel, heartless mother I will try to paint a picture for you.

When I drop my two youngest off at their school Jalen catches a bus that transports him to another school. This morning we were cutting it pretty close so Jalen knew that if he was going to catch the bus he would have to get all his stuff together, bail out of the van and sprint down to where the buses were ready for take off. I prepared him about a block before to start gathering his things together.

Well, I must explain first that yesterday I went out and bought my boys these new bags because the ones they were carrying had holes so big they could fit a small animal through them. So, me being an "in touch" mom knew that the bag to carry these days is not one that you strap onto your back but more like a laptop bag. So basically it will not accommodate much more then papers, folders, and maybe a lightly packed lunch bag. Definitely not a pair of boots, gloves and snow pants. Since we were running late I had them just grab their extra winter wear in their hands which was a huge mistake. Huge!

So back to planning our method of deployment in the most expedient way possible….

I, as quickly as I can, without looking like a drunk mother bringing her children to school, buzz up to the corner to drop him off. He has decided that he is going to run on the outside of the school since the buses will see him and will possibly hold off moving if there is a child running toward them.

He says "Goodbye" and then "Oh, No!"

He had picked up his new bag the wrong way and all contents were now on the floor of the van.

"Try to hurry", I encourage.

"I can't get the zipper closed" he says.

Finally he gathers it all together along with boots and snow pants. He hops out of the van and promptly loses a boot.

I get out to help, I am now a traffic jammer. I zip his bag, gather his boots, stuff them in his arms and say "Love you, Now Run Forrest, Run"!

And then I get the giggles. I just start laughing and laughing and he does the same.

He runs but about half way between here and there he drops that dratted boot again!


No movement from the bus driver. I am sure she was completely mesmerized by the whole thing!

Finally he reaches the bus…

"Oh MY!"

He wipes out right there by the door of the bus.

He gets up but "Oh no", he completely wipes out again!

A teacher comes to the rescue. And I sit in my van watching and saying "Oh no," and then covering my mouth and then "Oh, No" again. The teacher helped him walk the rest of the way to his bus….

And the traffic behind me continues to grow until I am forced to leave the scene of the accident.

This afternoon he walks in and says "this definitely was not my day!" Poor Jalen! I am so sorry!

Tomorrow I will be better prepared for these snowy mornings of November, I promise!


  1. Oh, what a way to start the day!

    I'm loving your new header picture. And the last picture in your post is breathtaking. How I miss the snow! We are coming to IN for Thanksgiving, and I'm hoping it will snow while we're there. :)

  2. Oh,poor Jalen!! Hopefully his week will get better.=)

  3. great story, you're a great writer!
    and i love the photos. i'm not ready for this cold weather!! ☺

  4. Oh, poor Jalen! I have to admit though, I laughed out loud reading your post. Too funny.

    I can remember teaching and things like that would happen with students. I was always somewhat afraid to laugh because I didn't want to offend them....but sometimes you just can't help it. Every so often I would just start cracking up.


  5. The poor, poor, thing!!! I'm sorry but I'm sure it looked kinda funny.

    You sure did get some great pictures!!!! WOW! Was it that beautiful on this side of town???


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