Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tiny town meets Chicago

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you didn't have anyone to share it with?
Like if you lived on a remote island and there was nothing but bats and monkeys to talk too?
Today I am grateful for people!
Especially if those people have a funny bone.
I have been blessed with so many friends that make me laugh! Sometimes it's good to just cut loose and have fun and that's just what we did this weekend.
A group of us took a little trip to this sweet little shop in Chicago. Maybe you've heard of it.


Well, me, I had never been there before and a couple of these girls I love, thought they really should introduce me....So they graciously invited me to meet IKEA. What a fun weekend!
We arrived on Saturday at noon and spent several hours browsing through the store. It was so much to take in.... But our hunger got the best of us so we took a little break and got a bite to eat.

We finished off the day with a little more shopping and then we headed over to The Cheesecake Factory and the Mall.

What sweet faces...Don't let them fool ya! You get them away from their kids and families...Watch Out!Hee, Hee!

Brooke and Rose
Carla and Monica

And here is Julie and Brooke completely enjoying their cheesecake for dinner.
Life is too short...Eat Dessert first!

Lovin the Cheesecake.....lovin it!

And this was our "priceline"hotel...Kind of dumpy huh? Yeh, but we endured!
The rooms were great and we were all very impressed that the bathroom had a TV right in the mirror.I'm not gonna lie, It was a little creepy that it just flipped on by itself.

Heather and Julie...
For more pictures you can link over to Heather's blog
It was such a good time and I am so thankful for times like these. And you know what else? Coming home is always so fun because the kids are so happy to see me...I hope it's not just because they know I will have something for them.

And of course it's always nice to get to sleep in my own bed with my own pillow and my own guy who makes weekends like this possible for me to do!


  1. Rose, It was soooo fun to be with you over the weekend. It was a blast. We will have to make it a yearly thing. O.k.?

    Kinda disappointed to see NO pictures of you on this post! I guess your people will have to link to my blog to see your sweet face having fun.

  2. Girls weekend...woohoo! And to Chicago, no less...I LOVE that city - way too many good places to eat at and shop.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    I have never been to IKEA sounds like I need to go!

  4. Looks like you girls had a great time! Girl's night out doesn't come often enough does it?

  5. I am so glad you had such a good time. There is just something soooo special about spending time with girlfriends. Nothing against the guys in our lives...but girlfriends are special.

    I would love to know which hotel you stayed looks awesome!!!


  6. Oh, I went with my girlfriends to Ikea a few weeks ago, and we had a blast. Great fun!


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