Monday, November 17, 2008


Hello Snowflakes....Beautiful falling snow....
Look what I woke up to this morning. I looked out my window and we were covered over. The first real snow of the year. So it looks like we are going to be having a white Thanksgiving? Nah, it will all disappear in a day or two. But it was beautiful today. I like it more this time of year then April. And just in case you wondered, this isn't a picture of the house we live in.

What a gorgeous drive to school this morning. Everything was thickly covered in blankets of snow.

As I went to the store I had to stop beside the road and feast my eyes on this spectacular sight.

When Micah and Sophie came home they were just elated about this whole deal. They put on their snow pants and gloves and headed out to immerse their faces in the fluffy stuff. I had to run through the "just say no to yellow snow" speech.
They said they already knew that from last year and would be careful to avoid it.

I have been challenged lately to give thanks in all things. I heard the story of Corey Ten Boom and the way she learned gratefulness. One day as she and her sister Betsy were trying to survive in the Concentration Camp Betsy told her they need to be thankful for all things including the fleas that plagued them. Corey could not figure out how she could be glad about some nasty fleas. Several months later they found out that the reason they could so easily share devotions with the other prisoners was because the guards didn't want to come back into their quarters for fear of the fleas.
What an awesome reminder that "in all things" may not look like I think it should. It may in fact, be very difficult or even unpleasant. But when I look to Jesus as being the source of my joy I can always be thankful.
Today I am grateful for the majesty of my creator.
Lord, You do all things well!


  1. Rose, What a neat story on Corrie Tin Boom. Maybe if I give you the sex book back...can I borrow the Corrie book?

    Great thoughts on being thankful.

    I love the close up of the snow on the flowers. Awesome!!!

    My kids did the same thing...came home and wanted to play in the snow. It is pretty out there.

    Hey, I'd be up for coffee anytime. That sounds wonderful. Great idea!!!!

    You sleep well too sweet friend!

  2. What beautiful pictures!!! I love the story of Corrie Tin Boom..I cry at the movie sad!!!!
    -sandy toes

  3. Rose, What a beautiful post!!
    I enjoyed chatting with you at the wedding.=)

  4. What a beautiful picture.

    I just LOVE it...when the snow comes like that. I personally...LOVE the snow..and can hardly wait!!!

  5. Love the pictures! Whew I was glad to hear that wasn't the house you were living in!

    My boys cannot wait for snow to come. We just had a few flakes nothing that stuck!

  6. Jealousness :) of the snow. Much much jealousness.

    p.s. I know jealousness isn't a word


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