Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One of those days!

Yesterday... Have you had one of those days?
Me too!
I got up completely unaware that this day would cost me well over $1000!
1. I lost not just one but both of my contacts!(non disposable)
Rubbed em right out my eyes and never knew it!
2. I was eating a stinkin piece of Turkey Jerky and chipped a back tooth!
3. Had to return some clothes(HATE returning stuff!)
4. Got a huge bill that I didn't know about.
5. All I'm sayin is, "the election".

Today.... gotta be better right?
Oh, well, I guess my dentist has to send his kids to college somehow!
And maybe I'll be able to see more clearly with new contacts...helping me to miss small animals on the road.
At least I didn't have to return clothes that were too small for me!
I am still not seeing a lot of positivity from 4-5.

But you know what? Who can stay grumpy lookin at this?

"Super Star"


  1. We've all had days like that!!! The sun will come out tomorrow!!!

  2. Oh sweet Rose Have I EVER!!! Monday when I woke up little did I know that day would cost me over $1800.....

    YAH, totally agree with you on #5!!!

    Can't wait till this weekend.....Girls night out! :) We'll forget we have bills and just have fun.

    Sorry I don't think I have your email address....Can I have Malayna on Thursday at 5:15?? To babysit that is.

  3. So sorry...what a day!

    But your little Super Star would cheer anybody up...cutie!

  4. You did a great job of finding the positive in a seemingly bad day. And you are right, you can't but smile when you see your angel.


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