Saturday, November 22, 2008

Micah's Birthday

So my second son Micah is turning 9. Technically not for 1 more week but his birthday happens to fall on Thanksgiving Day so since we are already overeating that day we planned his party last night. In order to continue on in good standing with my dear son I was forced into it. Did I just say forced? Of course not!

Seriously, if I am really honest birthday parties are strictly my way of saying I love you and I will sacrifice my sanity, checkbook, and wrinkle free face(well not so much anymore)all out of love!

He invited 3 friends from school and 1 from church. What a riot! And when I say riot I mean it in the most literal sense.....

Look at these cute boys. Do you know what 3rd grade boys like to talk about? I can tell you... It's mostly about farting, peeing, burping and what girls are the stinkiest.(code word for "WE REALLY are in LOVE with HER)They sure aren't hard to feed though! No picky eaters with pizza and DQ Icecream cake! So here is that adorable birthday boy with his colorful cake. Just so you know his dad picked it out. I was concerned that it may appear a little "girly"but he said it was all they had left. No worries they ate it up like champs!
Here is Micah and his friend Braden. It has been especially fun for Micah this year because Braden has been his church friend but recently moved to our school district and now is in Micah's class as well. We are thrilled about this.
Anthony and Andrew...Way too much fun over pizza!
And here is Micah with his sisters....They went along but didn't get to bowl.

I gotta tell you we have a little history with Micah's parties. Two years ago we wanted to go to this little pottery shop called pottery smottery. We planned a night, invited a friend and headed out. But guess what, we got there and they were closed. I guess they aren't open every night of the week, and someone didn't call to find out about that little important fact. (Ahem)
Last year he wanted a sledding party. Well sledding is sporadic in this part of the world. So as not to bore you with the facts, I'll just say we planned 3 different times to go sledding, finally at the end of January we got his party done with less then an inch of snow on the ground. Excellent!

This year we planned on bowling and eating rubbery pizza at the alley. As we pulled into the lot we realized that most of the county was here tonight. I called the front desk....
He: "we are booked all night".
Me: "But you don't understand I have 8 kids here squealing with glee, you can't do this to me"!
I didn't really say that but I was thinking it!
So instant change of plans; we will just drive across town to the old alley that smells of stale smoke and bowl there. No problem right?
I called and he said: "we don't have anything available till 8:00!
I said "we will take it".
He: "sorry we don't take reservations on weekends"
Oh no, he wasn't going to let me down so quickly!
Me: "Can I come put my name in'?
He: "No we won't take names".
Great! Well, we will just go get pizza and come back.
After pizza and cake we headed over there. These kids are bursting and I was not about to disappoint them!
We walk up to the desk and this young, teenager is at the desk alone.
Me: "We need a lane please"
He: "Sorry we won't have anything until after 9".
Me: " I called and you said after 8. It's only 7:30"
He: "Well sorry some lanes opened up and I gave them away".
Me: "Well, we'll just wait until one opens".
He: "Maybe one will open up over there pretty soon".
Me: "Okay can I give you my name so I can get that lane?"
He: "Sorry I don't take names"(He really had a thing about that)
Me: "Okay, I guess I will just stand here until a lane opens up then".
Seriously, sometimes I can just be so annoying!
He: "Well, you don't have to do that"!
Me: "I really need a lane, I've got 6 boys who are here for a birthday party and they really want to play."
Me to Jason "I'll go let the kids open gifts".
Jason: "I'll hang around up here".
Don't you love that when your husband fights for the cause with you! Me too!
So we opened gifts and like magic in 5 minutes that lane opened right up! Isn't that amazing how that works? So here they are bowling their little hearts out...

This boy has moves....

Man does he have moves!
Here are Micah and Andrew...Big Buddies.
And the final scores.....
It was so good to hear my little boy come down this morning and say

"That was my best birthday ever"! I am so glad!

I am grateful that I have been given the chance to mother this young man!

He is the one that has us laughing until we fall down and while we are down there we start praying like fanatics. He is intensely intense! Passionately Passionate! We love his soft heart and steel determination. He doesn't let us get by with much. He has a quick wit and is very creative.

Next year I think I may just plan him a party that does not include dependence on another business or the weather.

I really just can't handle all the stress!


  1. Rose, That's just so funny how his parties just had to be so difficult.

    Looks like a complete blast!!!! I love pizza hut.

    I always get into so much trouble when I tell the kids, "we are doing this..... or we are going here..." Plans have a way of changing so quickly.

    Happy Birthday Micah!!!

    P.S. I like how you told us what 3rd grade boys talk about....Because I've only heard the 3rd grade girl version.

  2. How fun. I guess the thought of irate boys was enough to magically open up that lane.

  3. What fun! All the boy talk pretty much sound like the conversations at our dinner table!

    I am so torn with the birthday thing. Our family is 2 hours from us and we usually get together with them for the birthdays. I love for the kids to be with their cousins, but now they want to do the friend thing to!! It is hard to do both.

    So was this also a sleepover? Not sure I am ready for that! Really do not need to add any more testorone to this house!

    You are a great mom!


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