Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I did something I don't think I have ever done before....
I started decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving!
With all the snow starting so early I have been playing Christmas music for weeks already! But I did refrain from putting up the tree. That is always done the weekend after Thanksgiving in our house. The kids want to make sure I don't do it without them.
I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of nice to decorate this year without lots of little "helpers".
This is a my season shelf that sits up about 8 feet in the air. I stood on a bar stool and then held my camera way above my head to get this shot.
I don't have any lights up outside yet either. I am thinking about having a Christmas open house(we are selling our home) So any early decorating I can do will help me later.

Remember this from last week? Well it's done and I wanted to show it to you. If you are looking for an easy project to do for Christmas gifts this would be an idea. I really mean it when I say I don't sew. I don't hem. But this is such a no-brainer even I can do it!
The most time consuming part is the cutting. You cut lots of squares. You will need 144 for this size quilt. You can use old jeans if you have some on hand. I often use jean and corduroy.
This one is for Malaina and these are "her" colors.

I am going to be part of the Blogging Christmas Open House over on the side bar. I would love to see your homes as well.

Are you doing some fun projects for Christmas? I would love to hear what they are.

I have a funny little random quote from Sophie. She was playing chess, yes, I said chess. (whatever happened to hi-ho-cheerio???)
Sophie: Mom, I won the game.
Me: You did?
Sophie: Yep, I was playing my imaginary friend and I beat her!! WHOO WHO!
Excellent! Stiff Competition!


  1. I'm all decorated for Christmas too (have been for a WEEK) and my tree is UP!!!! I know...we've never done that before either. I'll go with your theory and blame it on the early snow! I even planned on my next post title being "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" Hmmmm...great minds think alike!

    I WOULD LOOOOOOOVE to know how to make that quilt!!!! I can't sew a straight line, but I love the look of that so much I may be willing to learn! Do you have directions? I can pick them up next time I'm in your neck of the woods! Let me know!


  2. How fun! I have been pulling out some Christmas stuff too! I can't resist..we travel so I want to enjoy it as long as I can!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    -sandy toes

  3. Ha! Stiff competition, indeed! I love it.

    I am definitely doing BooMama's Christmas Home Tour...can't wait to see everyone else's decor.

  4. For some reason the concensus this year is to start early! I have also started putting stuff up...I just could not wait. I love, love, love sitting in the living room with the Christmas tree on in the evenings. I still have a few items to get out in the house and I am going to put a few things outside next week. For some reason I am so excited this year. Have not bought a single present yet but let the shopping begin Friday at 4am! A tradition for my mom and I to go shopping on Black Friday. We have so much fun. It is the only one day I tell my husband you WILL have the boys that day!!

    By the way, love the quilt. Maybe you could blog a video on how to do it! It is so cute.

  5. Oh, I have been fighting the urge to decorate for Christmas!!!! I want to so bad, but I'm afraid that when I go to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow I think it's Christmas if I see a tree. We usually do it the day after Thanksgiving too. I know what you mean about the "little helpers" It makes them so happy to help, but their idea of help, is not very helpful. :)

    I like your decorations so far!! Cute.

    By the way...what's the Christmas Open House thing all about. I'm much too lazy to click on the sidebar. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend. Hope you have lots of yummy food tomorrow enjoyed with good conversation with family. Love Ya!

  6. I wanted to start with my Christmas stuff but I just couldn't do it before Thanksgiving. Now I regret it because I have lost a week of the cozy Christmas feel.
    So we all want to know about the quilt.
    Thanks for finding me...love finding new blogging friends. :)


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