Sunday, November 2, 2008

Heal the wound but leave the scars

Mothering is a tough thing.
Yeah, I know you already know that.
I never knew that it could be so complex.
How do I deal? How do I give wise advice? What if I just don't have the right words?
I have realized one thing . There is something about mothers that makes us intensely protective when our children are injured. The mother bear comes out and I stand back in amazement at who I can become. Wondering who that woman is and where she sleeps at night.
I remember back a couple of years to the time when I could just kiss that boo boo away. When all it took was a kiss, lap, and a band aid. Now I am faced with issues that are "unfixable" and I feel completely helpless to kiss away the pain. There is no way to make it all better.
I never knew I would feel the pain this deeply for someone else.
I never knew I would love someone so much I would be willing to do anything to give them all that I have.
I have been reminded lately that God has, through the years used pain as a way of shaping people for his eternal plan. The story of Joseph is one of those of great pain before the final dream could be realized. Thrown into a pit by his very brothers. Sold and taken to another land. Then falsly accused by his bosses wife and thrown into prison. Forgotten and left there.
All so God could use him in an unimaginable way to save his people.
The final outcome only God knew. But meanwhile Joseph had to walk through that pain one day at a time. Faithfully believing God had his hand on the situation even when he couldn't see the reason why.
Today I am asking you to pray for me that I would be able to have that kind of faith. I want to Believe God in all things even when I can't see.
I love the chorus of one of my favorite Point of Grace songs:
Heal the wound but leave the scar,
a reminder of how merciful you are
I am broken, torn apart,
take the pieces of this heart
heal the wound but leave the scar.


  1. Oh Rose, I can imagine the things you go through as your children grow in to teens....It scares my quite frankly! I'm sure you will not always know or say the perfect thing to your children (neither will I) But YOU WILL be there showing her (and him) that you love them and care deeply for them. And that will mean more than the world to know you are on their side, loving them unconditionally.

  2. I think about how it will get harder emotionally as my kids grow a whole lot.

    I want to take away the pain all the time too. But then I remember it is pain that has brought me to this (humble) place in my faith. I know I wouldn't be even this far if not for the pain.

  3. can't believe i saw you at wally world! can you say desperation? anyway it was nice to see a friendly face ...

  4. I am always surprised at myself and the "mother bear" instinct that comes roaring to the surface at times, because I am usually so laid back. Praying for you tonight, that you will have peace and be able to put it all in His hands.

  5. So often your blog echos thoughts that are in my heart. Yes, parenting is tough. My mom gave me a letter when I had Eva and it talked about this very thing (the deep love and protection you feel for you child). It is one of my favorite things she has ever given me because the words ring so true...and they become more and more true the older my children get. I may have to share parts of it on my blog sometime.

    I understand the "Mother Bear" instict SO well. I am a logical person (I was a teacher for 10 years...I can handle children from ALL walks of life). Buy by golly, we were at the park last summer and a little boy was mean to Eva. I seriously had to hold myself back from grabbing his arm and giving him a piece of my mind!!! I, of course, refrained and just politely explained to him that it is not nice to treat people like that...but where did that inner bear come from??!!!!! I had to almost laugh at myself!

    Anyway, know that God has a hand in your children's lives as he does in yours. Sometimes it is hard to see His ultimate plan, but I firmly believe He does not give us things that we can't handle...and the tough times do make us stronger. This was shown very clearly to me during my parents divorce and I fervently believe it today.

    We just had nearly an entire sermon on Joseph last Sunday in church...again, your blog often echos my thoughts. So interesting.

    Off the subject, I saw you out mowing on Monday. I honestly go past your house at least once a week. I've thought about stopping but am always worried I'll be interuppting something.


    PS. Sorry I wrote such a BOOK!!!

  6. Wow! I was just praying about this very thing! I pray that somehow my children will be supernaturally protected and supernaturally wise at the same time, so they don't have to go through the painful times to learn. Although this prayer gives me great peace right now, I know there will be times when I too can't fix the pain. A network of praying moms, praying for our kids, and each other as moms is God's gift to us. You are truly in my prayers, I don't know your exact situation, but I am sending you hugs and prayers from Indy.


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