Thursday, November 6, 2008

Romance is alive!

Can I just say I have a pretty amazing guy!
He has been really nice to me today....I mean, not just kind of nice, but like what are you up to kind of nice. Seriously, I'm not questioning any intentions but I'll let you decide.
This morning he called me and said "you wanna go for a picnic on our land?"
So when I got there this is what I found

And you know what... He had a little cash surprise inside that card that said ..."I have been saving this back for something you have fun shopping with your friends this weekend in Chicago"!

Now, how can a girl resist a guy like that!
We had more fun dreaming about the day we will build our house,where it will sit on the land,parties we will have, etc, etc.... What a great time!

This is what was waiting for me when I got back to our house.

Is it sin if I pray for a really strong wind to come ? So maybe they will end up in my neighbors yard... KIDDING! I kid!
I really do want to pick all those leaves up for the 167th time!


  1. That is just too sweet. Have fun. And thanks for swinging by my blog. :) Hope you got to enter the giveaway. :)

    Just so you know, I have three immediate family members in your state. :) Who knew! Life has it - and you're right. It's too far away.

  2. That was real sweet of your man!!! I'm really glad were not your neighbors hehe=) Have fun in Chicago, Brooke told me about your girls outing... I am kinda jealous. (Smile)

  3. All I can say is WOW, you go Jason

  4. Awwwww...what a sweetie. Those are my favorite moments - the unplanned romantic ones. I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day or days like that because in our society it has become so much more expected to do something those days. I always tell Matt I would gladly skip Valentine's Day for a surprise some other day of the year.

    I love the dreaming part of my favorite things to do.


  5. Wow...Who can resist a husband like that??...can he be my husband too? I need some cash in a card, for our trip tomorrow. :) That was really sweet Jason. Maybe if you get bored tomorrow night you and DOnovan can get together, let the kids play, and give Donovan some tips on dates. :)

    By the way Rose...wanna share a bunk tomorrow night?

  6. What a dreamy picnic! I'd say he's a keeper. :) When are you all building your new house? How exciting!


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