Saturday, November 15, 2008

Going to the Chapel

Brenden and Suz got married tonight. What a lovely couple! They had such a beautiful wedding and it was fun to be part of it. Look at this spectacular center piece on the table.I know, that's why I chose to sit my little self down right here. It was marked table #12 so I figured well, if there are 450 people here #12 isn't first so it won't look like I'm trying to get served first but it's not table #56 so I won't be starving by the time those wonderful table waiters get to me. Um, let's just say, I am not good at all at picking out short lines. Don't ever follow me in the store or bank or anywhere there is a choice of lines because I will undoubtedly pick the one that has a computer failure or a price check.
I'm just sayin I have other gifts. Not so much short lines.

So anyway guess who picked the table that went last. You got it..


It's okay though, there was lots to say and I had more time to get in the 25,000 words for today.

Look here we are with the only child we could drag with us. The others seemed fairly determined that weddings just aren't really the thing they love these days. Oh well, I guess it's best this way or they would have been begging to leave, honking van horns, you know, just kind of cutting into social times for me.
Here is Dale. Look he found a little friend to interact with. It was the sweetest thing ever. He took little Tim's face in his hands and was so loving to him. Then he hugged him and they just had some real bonding moments.

We have made a DVD of some highlights of Dale's life. Tim's mom said that he has basically memorized that DVD. It just melted my heart!

This is my dear precious niece Sharon. Actually she is Jason's niece but I claim her too. She is completely worth getting to know. She has so many friends and her heart is as big as the sky! I love her so much!

Every time I go to a wedding I am reminded of how exciting this day is for the couple. How wonderful that they don't have to say "good night" and leave each other any more. I remember how magical it felt as we rode away for the first time as husband and wife.

Such an absolutely precious time of life. I am so glad they found each other.

Tonight I will pray for them that when it doesn't feel magical anymore, when all the people have gone home and the songs are done that they will remember the vows they made. And on those bad, or even mundane days they will be able to think back and smile when they think of the sweet feelings they had for each other today.


  1. I feel the same bittersweet feelings when I attend weddings. I'm caught up in the moment like everyone else, but I remember the "thud" of my heart on the floor life when feelings went awry. If you had asked me before I got married if I knew the butterflies would fizzle, etc., I would have said, "Of course, silly! I know the difference between infatuation and lasting love!" But when it happened, I was still ill-prepared. So I always pray for newly-marrieds, too. BTW, you really are a beautiful family.

  2. You are a beautiful family! Inside and out.

    Thanks for posting pictures of the wedding, I wondered what it looked like.


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