Thursday, November 13, 2008

At Ease

Do you wonder what other people do after 6 p.m.? Us, if we actually get a night at home we are pretty tame. I know this may disappoint you adventure seekers. I am truly sorry!
We are pretty low-key doing our own things. Sometimes if we are energetic enough we may blow the dust off of one of those games that we used to play daily.
Here we are a typical night at home:

Sophie making a fort...

That's her bum sticking out there.

Of course she has numerous "imaginary"friends living in there with her! I know this because she is always bossing them around. I think it's the youngest child syndrome. If she can't get anyone else in the family to listen to her orders she can always count on those pretend friends!

These are Micah's hands on the keyboard. This boy loves piano so much! He can't seem to pass by the piano without plunking on it.

I am so glad! The passion for music is one I would love to pass on to my kids. It is something they will always use. Even if it's just for their own enjoyment.

Here's Jalen repeating his memory verses to his dad...

Earlier he was practically standing on his head.
A little unconventional I know, but whatever it takes!
And of course homework....Malaina is very academic. If she gets an A- she is trying to get that corrected. I told her teacher she must be a "freak of nature". I sure don't get the credit for the smart gene...Jason of course is willing to take the blame for that!
This was parent teacher conference week. Do any of you get jittery about that? I remember my first one. Back when Malaina was in first grade. I was so nervous my stomach hurt. It was like I was going in there to be judged on how I was doing as a parent. I never realized when I was a kid that my parents may not enjoy this.
I learned pretty quickly that most teachers are truly kind and probably don't say everything they may witness or what judgements they have made. Her teacher that year said something that I have clung to. She said, "I tell parents I'll believe half of what I hear and they should believe half of what they hear".
We have kids in 3 different schools this year so it's like a marathon going to all the conferences. I am glad to report it looks like they all are doing excellent. They make their mama proud!
Today I am grateful for a good school and for being able to sometimes slow down and enjoy quiet moments!


  1. what a great post. the children are all so adorable and accomplished. three schools. you are busy. i know abut the 40 days til Christmas... i've got to get hopping too. ;) Blessings.

  2. Enjoyed your post Rose!! Chloe has lots of "imaginary" Friends too. I think it is so fun to stand around the corner and listen to her.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, teachers get just as nervous for parent teacher conferences (at least I did). My hands always got sweaty and I had to tell myself not to talk too fast. We, also, worry that parents are constantly judging us.

    It's so important to realize that both of us (parents and teachers) are just doing our best to do what is best for that particular child!! It's all just a work in progress.

    Loved the post....loved seeing Malaina on it!!!! She is getting way too big!!! Can we shrink wrap her and keep her small?!!!


  4. So funny...My kids have a fort up over the dining room table right now. :) I liked seeing what your kids are doing on nights spent at home.

    I also got a little nervous with our parent/teacher conference. Mainly with our little boys conference. I was just worried that he talked at school as much as he does here. We were pleasently surprised, thankfully!


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