Friday, November 14, 2008

41 reasons I love the birthday boy

Today is Jason's birthday. Do not surmise that every time he has a birthday so do I. I skip birthdays and have fallen quite drastically behind him in age. Yep, he out does me every year.When we met he was only 4 years older then I was. But now I have fallen like 9 years behind him!

He is quite handsome huh? I know, that's why I can't keep my eyes off him! Don't you love his sweet little smile? He was a looker even with the plaid and horrible haircut.
Since I spent so much time,money and trickery last year to surprise him for the big 40 I will just be real simple this year! So happy birthday honey! This is your birthday card!

41 reasons I love you...
1. You are the handiest guy in town.
2. I love the way you crack me up!
3. You totally get my humor.
4. You usually are the first to say sorry.
5. I love the way you look at me....
6. I like your cow brown eyes!
7. You are always looking for ways to be a better husband.
8. I love the way you love our kids!
9. You listen to me and my desires.
10. You don't try to manipulate me(do you?)
11. You love the Lord and want to be obedient to him.
12. You are stinkin smart!
13. You help me around the house.
14. I love that I can count on you to help the kids with math!
15. You are not scared to try something new.
16. You aren't afraid to talk to the kids about well, you know, growing up stuff.
17. You love the dog...:)okay so this needs a little work, "dog hater"
18. You love people and aren't afraid to talk to strangers
19. You work so hard to provide for us.
20 You are the smartest person I know who hails from IOWA.:)
21. You are willing to cheer for Notre Dame and the Colts simply because you moved to Indiana.
22. You like to have people in our home.
23. You take care of tough issues of confrontation that make me get all jittery and weepy.
24. You lock the doors..(most nights:)
25. You can put together a great sermon.
26. You like to travel with me.
27. You listen to my likes and try to follow through
28. You lead us in family devotions.
29. You really want to be close to your kids.
30. You encourage me to pursue my dreams.
31. You turn a blind eye if the house isn't picked up.
32. You compliment my cooking.
33. You take walks with me.
34. You give up your own stuff to prioritize for family
35. I love the way you coach the kids in basketball
36. You forgive so quickly.
37. You don't complain when I ask you to help with something.
38. You care about lost people.
39. You are a good neighbor...lending out your precious tools and stuff.
40. You are diplomatic.
41. And lastly I love you because you tell me things that you don't tell anyone else.
Whew! I am not sure what I'll do if you live to be a 100. I guess I will have 59 more years to discover new things I like about you!

I am so blessed. Not because this marriage has always been perfect. We have had some tough days. Especially in the beginning. I wondered if it would actually work. And at year 7 I wondered again. But you know what? There is something about knowing you are both committed that makes all the difference. And there's this little word called forgiveness that makes living together possible. And there is an important thing called preferring each other that makes it more fun!
Happy birthday, birthday boy... You're still my guy!


  1. Yay for being committedf and for loving your man! :)
    Nice visiting you ...


    Thanks friend, for your kind words on my blog.

    Enjoy your day...with your special someone!

  3. Very Cool Rose. I am sure Jason will love your list!!

    When Matt and I were engaged we were saving money for our wedding. We set a VERY low limit for eachother for Christmas (like $10). Matt MADE ME a book that listed the top 100 reasons he loves me. It is still one of my very favorite gifts he has ever given me.

    Gifts from the heart truly are the best. I hope your wonderful husband has a beautiful birthday.


  4. Happy Birthday! I love hearing you brag a little bit on your man - you both are truly blessed.

  5. What a sweet tribute Rose. I love how you are transparent.

    Happy Birthday Jason!!!! Hope you had a great day yesterday.


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