Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who claps for the benidiction?

Well, today I got my first taste of the future life of the preacher's wife.
So Jason got this email several weeks ago from the assistant principal of our middle school asking if he would be available to pray the benediction prayer at our school's dedication service.

First of all I wasn't even sure if I wanted to attend simply because, in my mind, Sunday afternoon really should be dedicated to nothing. Except my nap maybe. A perfect Sunday afternoon for me is:
1.Lunch Out
2.Great conversation for about 1 hour (2tops )
3.A much deserved nap
4.A walk down our country road
5.Making and eating pretzels with my kids and occasionally company

Keep in mind this is ideal and rarely does my life go ideally!
So I went, to be a support and because I was a bit curious how he would do...
What's all the fuss about it was a simple prayer!
He was up on the stage with all the other important people from school.
Yours truly was down in the auditorium with 3 of my kiddos trying to keep them from killing each other. (for pete's sake at least they could do it quietly)

To begin with there was an issue with the program. It seemed not everyone had gotten one and for some reason it was very important that each one of them had the program in their hands. I was doing some dead man stares and flicking when I could get away with it. I finally got the 2 on the end under control when the little one beside me thought it was her turn to be the star. So she kept getting in and out of her theater seat. I finally said "park it", in as stern of a whisper as I could muster. So she did. She parked the top half but the feet were still free. She decided to use this time to do her leg lifts, left foot, right foot, left foot,..."please", I plead!
Then finally after a long 15 minutes Jason was introduced and the audience broke into applause.
--- led by none other then my 8 year old son. He even began to stand up! He was so excited to see his celebrity dad he could not contain his admiration any longer.

Jason had a beautiful prayer but I was doing a bit of petitioning of my own..."Lord, make all who are here be blind and deaf to this row of chaos".

I asked Jason later," does it count as applause if your 8 year old is the one who begins the clapping?"

Just tell me, who claps for the benediction??


  1. Oh Rose, that is such a funny and cute story. It sounds so familar to me. Our church bench can get just as crazy most Sundays!!!!

    Your Ideal Sunday plan sounds just about perfect to me. :) Sometime I wanna try those soft pretzels. AFter my Sunday afternoon nap that is. :)

  2. Ha Ha Ha! Thanks for the laugh. But you have a much cooler way of writing about being a frustrated Mom. I just "let it fly"! :)


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