Monday, October 20, 2008

Then Sings my Soul

Late yesterday afternoon our family went for a walk....

I kept singing "How great thou art". Isn't he fabulous in his beautiful creation!

It was lovely!

Watch out here we come!

Did I say we went for a walk? I meant we went on a mini marathon. I was excited to get out and take some pics of the beautiful fall day so I thought maybe we could take an unusual route. Well it ended up being a 4 mile route. I didn't think it through very well. Some of the clan was not happy with their tour guide mom and her high aspirations for them.


We included our dog, Snicker's in the walk....She ran away. No surprise to those of you who know our dorky! Did I say dorky? I mean Yorkey! She loves to run away from us. Saturday I was cleaning windows. I had one wide open in the living room and she jumped, yes I say jumped out that window! When she gets free she runs like a crazy dog with her ears flat back against her head.

I have never in my life time heard so much name calling come out of my dear, patient husband's mouth. He does not heart our dog, Snickers.

Well she found her opportunity to bolt and she took it. I suggested we ignore her but the rest of my family felt the need to rescue her. Malaina attempted a dive that could have scored her some high points if she would have been competing in a sporting event. But Micah was the one who finally captured Snickers and brought her back to our posse.

We passed lots of corn which was mostly harvested already but this particular row caught our attention. Those crops sure are looking good for next year!

And the beautiful sunset 2 hours later.

I never said we were the fastest walkers. We weren't setting any records for speed tonight!

When we got home I made up for it by making some Purple Cow's. This is a yummy drink that is so easy! Just pour grape juice over vanilla ice cream and Waa Laa, Purple Cow!

And we whipped up some homemade pretzels! They love them. It's a Sunday night tradition. The tradition gets practiced more frequently in the fall and winter.

I think someday they will look back fondly on evenings like tonight!
I know I will!


  1. Picture perfect!!

    And now I'm drooling over those pretzels...maybe you could email me the recipe? :)

  2. oh my goodness! those pretzels...gotta have 'em! soft pretzels are one of my most favorite things but ironically i've never made them myself!

    thank you for checking out my blog...i appreciate your encouragement. it has been a crazy month, but i fully know that God is in control. it's my hope to encourage others in ministry who have gone through similar experiences. despite all of that, we always know that God has our best interest in mind and it will always be used for His glory!

    i was reading your bio...we have a lot in common...baking, the love of "old," jazz, italy (oh, italy!) day i'll get there! :) here is my "baking" website if you're interested in checking it out:

    thanks again for your encouragement! and i'm with sarah on the pretzels...i'd love the recipe! God bless!

  3. They WILL look back fondly!

    Amazing pictures--makes me really really want to take that walk.

    You're a delight, lady.

  4. You need to post the recipe for those pretzels. They do look yummy! We may have to start a Sunday tradition!

  5. Rose, What a perfect Sunday....I love your fall pictures. I love fall!!!! The pretzels look sooo yummy! I can't wait to try them someday when you have us for a sunday snack night. :)

  6. I loved the pictures and seeing fall leaves in Indiana and the sunset. Those pretzels were making me drool. I think my favorite quote from this entry was, "I suggested we ignore her but the rest of my family felt the need to rescue her." HA! Miss you and love you...

  7. wow! beautiful scenery!!! Can't wait to try to pretzel recipe, thanks for sharing it.


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