Sunday, October 12, 2008


What? Not normal for me to be thankful to end my weekend...
Well, the weekend is almost over. I am glad to be on this side of the past 2 days! I really was not overly excited to see it come. But it was okay. It really I saying that too much that people won't believe me? I wonder....

The positives:

The weather was perfect. The food was great. The sale is over. Not too many emotional moments. Lots of extra family time. A campfire to laugh together and remember some old stories, wrapping it up with prayer.

Here are a couple of photos from the big day.

Some of the kiddos at the end of a long, long day for them
Here is mom and my aunt Fran

It was hard for the grand kids to see all these people taking grandpa and grams stuff. There were lots of faces and by the end of the day we had a couple of kids with melt downs.

In other news:
Jalen and Micah both had their last football games. Micah's was in the morning and Jalen's was at night under the stadium lights. His team ended the season undefeated. He was very excited to have his uncles, aunts and cousins come cheer him on.

And tonight I was just reminded how great our God really is. Jason suggested that after the kids were all ready for bed we take them out to the trampoline for our prayer time. We laid outside, bodies smashed together, under the beautiful sky talking about the stars and moon and how God had made it all! What an amazing display of art! What a fabulous creator! Detailed and designed perfectly. He is indescribable! How could I not trust him? His ways are so Perfect!

Funny quote tonight out under the stars:

Sophie: I see the big Ketchup

Me: You mean the "big dipper"?

Sophie: No I mean the big ketchup

(Okay, I'll let her Science teacher break it to her some day, for today it was cute....)


  1. You poor thing. I hope your catching up on your lost sleep, and depleted energy. :(

    Hey-- I have an Aunt Fran too! :)

    That is neat that you all went out to pray under the stars. You have some really unique family traditions. I want to copy them all.

  2. Rose, I remember when we had a sale for my Grandma Katie. It was really weird, but had a good feeling all the same.
    Hey how was the new recipe? Did your kids like it?


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