Thursday, October 2, 2008

May I take your order?

Today Sophia asked me where her apron was...

Pretty soon she came back with paper and pen.

Sophie: Welcome to "Seasons", may I take your order?

Me: Oh sure, I'll take some chicken soup and banana bread please?

Sophie: Well, actually all we have is M&M's so could you just order that?

Me: Okay, I'll take an M&M then.

Sophie: Great and how do you spell that?

Me: M&M

Sophie: Okay, now do you want something to drink

Me: What are the choices?(I can play this game)

Sophie: Ahh, water

Me: That's what I'll have then- (Kind of limited selections at this joint)

I got to have coffee with my dear friend Rolanda this week at a real resturant in town. We always have so much to talk about....

We both had our babies leave for school this year.

Excuse the red eyes...Jack's are Blue and Sophie's are Brown...You'll just have to take my word for it this time.


  1. CUTE! My kids do the same thing! They want me to play, but THEY make the rules!

  2. Eva LOOOOOOVES to play restaurant too!! Too precious.

    I added you to my blog list...hope that is alright!

    I see you got a comment from my friend Stacey above...she is a sweetie - you two would get along great!

  3. Hey I know Rolanda. She IS sweet. We both have Jack's! :) Lucky get to be waited on twice this week.


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