Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Fire Station

I took a field trip with Sophia and her class to the firestation.

It was a walking field trip, and as we were leaving the grounds of the school, little Sophie tripped on a step and banged up her lip and chinL She got those graceful feet from me. Let's just say "dancin with the stars" isn't storming my door!

So I took her back into the school and we got an icepack. She and I ended up driving down to meet the rest of the class. Her little friends were concerned that she was okay. It is so sweet – I love the way little kids can be so caring for each other.

It was quite an experience for these little guys to see the big trucks. They had a lot of really important questions to ask the fireman like "Do you have a Dalmatian?" "What is that hose for"? "Can you help me with my coat"? "Can you slide down the pole"?

Here is Sophia's class…I really love this age. They sure are adorable.

I went on a Middle School field trip last year-

All I'm sayin is, give me the kindergartners any day of the week!

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  1. I love that field trip. I've been on it 2 times now. Hope our new school does it.

    Poor Sophie. It is sweet how little ones can be so compassionate.

    I like the questions the students had for the firefighters.


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