Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Sophia with her new teacher

Sophie: "Mommy,I was thinking that if you want me to stay home with you sometimes we could just tell my teacher I am sick".

Me:"No honey, that wouldn't be honest".

Sophie:"What does honest mean?"

Me:"It means we don't tell the teacher we are sick if we aren't, but thanks for looking out for me".

Micah and Sophie like to out smart each other with riddles.
Sophie : "Why do people live in houses?"
Micah : "ahhh, because boxes would be uncomfortable?"
Sophie very smartly:"no, because its too cold outside".

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  1. Hey Rose! What cute little quotes from your little Sophie. Cute picture too! My kids sure liked getting to know her better this past few days!

    By the way where's the camping pictures??? It's 10:30...I thought by now you would have a new post from the weekend. :)


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