Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coming of Age

This weekend we will celebrate my sweet Malaina's "coming of age" party. Jews have Ba MIT's Va's but my family has a tradition of our own.

Thanks to my big brother Jim and his lovely wife Shirley who have paved a way for us. Everyone comes with a letter written to the pubescent birthday person. It is a letter of encouragement, Blessing and usually involves a Bible Verse. Everyone reads their letters, and then we gather round and lay hands and pray for the child.

It is really a neat tradition and I am so thankful I had such great models to follow.
I think it is especially wonderful that during the fragile days of Jr. High and High School Malaina will have something tangible to look back on and feel loved.

Of course there is always food involved. Malaina has chosen Fajitas, and all that goes with them. Instead of a cake, she would like homemade cookie,ice cream sandwiches.

We will pray for no rain because we are quite a tribe when we're all together!

grandma,grandpa and 17 grand kids


  1. What an awesome tradition! I miss running in to you at MES!

  2. What a great idea Rose. I love the picture of all the grandkids. Now I need to make a request....When you all get together this weekend, why don't you take another picture with all your brothers and sisters so I can connect you all? Maybe I'll figure out your family tree yet.

    Hope there is no rain this weekend and hope the showing goes well.

    And I really do like "running" into you at small group AND church now. :)


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