Monday, September 22, 2008

Church camping

What a weekend. What a life! I feel blessed beyond imagination to be surrounded by such a great community of people! We had such a good time with the rest of you campers this weekend! I will be honest, I am not always so jazzed about BIG group camping because... I don't know just because but this year I just loved the time we had with all of you! I was doubly excited when our good friends Ed and Julie showed up (no one told ME they were coming...I guess I need to be more persistent in my questions) Here are our girls together.

I was most amazed and impressed by all the families with young children. You guys Rock! I mean how brave is that to bring babies and toddlers when everyone knows you would have had a most legit excuse to stay home. I applaud you, you get the medal of honor!

And good for Sophia, she learned to ride her bike all by herself this weekend. She had been practicing this summer until she scraped her knee one time, and then it was all over. But she most courageously tried again right before we went home on Sunday...Yeah Sophie!

The boys had a wonderful time chuckin' acorns at each other! "You boys better be careful, someone could lose an eye!"
We came home with two new friends:

Slow Fannie and Steady Freddy,

These are Micah's pets.

Camping has become much more simple since these guys are more independent. Maybe that's why I enjoy it more. I don't feel the stress of making sure they are safe and not plunging in the lake. Maybe this is the bonus of this season of life.


  1. Hey Way to go Rose...Mixin' it up with different size pictures and all. Great shots.

    And wow....what a fun season to not worry about your little ones fallin' into the lake. I can't wait.

  2. Sounds like a good time. Love your blog

  3. Hi Rose! Looks like you had a lot of fun! When do you start to build? We are pretty excited but it is so much work!

  4. Yeah Sophie! :) We celebrated with her for her accomplishment of learning to ride her bike (she shared this at community circle Monday morning). We have also been able to use "learning to ride a bike" as a metaphor for many of the things we are learning to do like reading.


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